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Kathleen Raskin Wants You to Help Fight DHR Corruption!

Fight Abuse in Child Protection Organizations!

Hello, my name is Kathleen Raskin, and I’d like to share my family’s story about corruption in Alabama’s DHR and court system. My sister spent years raising a foster child who was then removed from my family by the court system despite the fact that we were on the right side of the law and had a court order to return her to us. The child was returned to a home in which she was abused, and because of this I became determined to fight stop DHR corruption.

The judge involved refused to even hear our case, after I flew over 2,000 miles to be present in the courtroom. Since this child was wrenched away from us and placed directly in harm’s way, I have contacted every media outlet and regulatory agency within my power, and I, Kathy Raskin, won’t stop until these terrible wrongs have been righted to my satisfaction and I am confident this child is safe. The “Good Old Boy” network and the corrupt court system and DHR agency must be stopped, and until they are, this cause will continue to gain momentum.

These organizations have gotten away with too much, for too long, and it is time for regular people like us to band together to demand a complete overhaul of the system. I, Kathy Raskin, and thousands of other families just like mine have had their lives torn apart by child protective services agencies, along with having our rights violated and having our loved ones put in harm’s way. Whether you are here in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the country, it is time to use your voice to stand up and say, “No more!” to these corrupt judges and social workers.

Groups like DHR and CPS and the courts have put countless children at risk due to their inexcusably bad decisions, and now it is time for them to be put under the Feds’ microscope and placed under the scrutiny that is required to get them back in line. If you have a story about your family being affected by the incompetence and corruption of these groups, I’d love to hear it. Keep fighting for your rights, and don’t give up until justice is done. Together we will make a difference! Visit me, Kathy Raskin, at StopDHRCorruption.com to join our fight!

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